Creating a new Realiti

How we helped iSimulate redesign for growth






The Background

Clinical education on any screen

Realti360 helps clinicians practice treating different medical scenarios, like heart-attacks by way of their iPad app that can become different types of monitors found in emergency rooms and patient bedsides.

The iRealiti, after much success in the market with their iPad-only app, found the original layout and information architecture had become a bottleneck for new features.

Hatch Head was engaged to rethink how the app could handle new features, as well as expand into new screens - from mobile to large monitors.

The Process

Rethinking the layout

Deployed on shared devices meant that the UI needed to feel familiar and consistent while allowing the clinicians to customize for different training scenarios.The solution was to create a widget system where controls could be repositioned and resized to suit the user's needs. 

The solutions

Widgets you can move

Each parameter control was re-imagined into widget. While each control is unique, resizing and configuring is consistent across all widgets allowing for a familiar user experience across a complex ecosystem of controls.

The solutions


We reorganised navigation, including rapid search, allowing clinicians to quickly find and configure the widgets they need.

The Process

Nipping and tucking the user interface

A re-look at typography, colors and spacing gave the user interface a more modern look and feel, making this software stand out from other medical training software.