Mastering Capex Budget

Enhance the Capex planning experience on the current platform to enable financial institutions to reach a wider potential customer base.




UI Design, UX Design, Product Strategy

What we did

Helping stakeholders seamlessly navigate, budget sinking fund plans and make better financial decision through collaborative efforts

Levymate simplifies financial decision-making for individuals by offering a levy calculator, capital expenditure funding options, and providing a comprehensive report on available choices.

Levymate's vision is to revolutionize the way capital expenditures are budgeted. They aimed to enhance the user experience of their MVP to increase user adoption and expand their customer base.

Our challenge was to craft a holistic experience that's not just useful, but also intuitive and fulfilling for a diverse array of users, ranging from strata managers and committee members to stakeholders and beyond.

How did we start

Research  & Problem definition

To delve into the financial world, especially when it comes to capital expenditures, we conducted extensive research phase and audited the current platform. These practices also helped us understand Levymate’s role in the user journey and form a product strategy to enhance the user experience.

Research phase - conducted users research  & workshops with SME

What we learned

Levy financing is often misunderstood by owners because of its complexity and the unclear way it's usually explained.

Insufficient information

Lack of evidence and information to help committee members make informed decisions when it comes to funding options


Presenting sinking fund and funding options whether is sometimes challenging.

Not transparent

Sinking Funds are perceived as unreliable among owners because they are often presented inaccurately.

The process

Brewing the ideas & Sketching the frames

Grounded in insights, we crafted user archetypes and a sitemap before translating them into user flows and wireframes. This ensures that our design solutions address user needs and identify potential pain points as users interact with the product

Refreshing visual language

Taking the insight of instill trust, confidence to users together with the brand essence of being innovative, analytical and informative platform, we proposed a brand new visual language to communicate and elevate the overall experience.

Levymate's visual identity and UI components

How might we...

Simplify how levy plans are communicated between managers and owners

Sharing & presenting Capex plan and funding option at ease

Sharing Capital expenditure plans and presenting funding options is effortless and more transparent. Strata managers can easily distribute plans within their teams for review and feedback, or seamlessly send published versions to owners.

This streamlines communication, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and engaged without unnecessary complications.

Reimagine Capex Report

We restructure the report into easily digestible formats to help owners better understand financial nuances, capital expenditures, and the pros and cons of funding options in both digital and physical environment.

Simplified Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process for new users by leveraging the progress disclosure principle, guiding them step by step to uncover the key benefit of the app: better capital expenditure planning.

Experienced users can effortlessly begin by importing information from existing Capex plans or duplicating current plans and making modifications.

Insightful and visualized Capex forecasts with detailed funding options

Provide an actionable insights based Capex forecast to help owners make betterdecisions about whether to have a sinking fund special levy or borrow now and into the future.

Brent Wallace
Design Strategy

"We spent a lot of time trying to unpack the problems owners face when it came to their levy. For some, the impact of a poorly misunderstood & mismanaged plan on how to keep units maintained is people go into debt - some are forced to sell their home."