Here's to the small ones, the private, the humble, the profitable

If you think of online companies you think Airbnb, Uber, Google and Facebook (or something like that). Maybe Netflix.

They're either public or VC'd up the wazoo. And very, very large.

But there's something you don't really hear or see much of - the smaller, private SaaS or product companies. These are often bootstrapped or started with a modest amount of capital. They're not massive, maybe 5 - 100k users and they're often niche and technically boring. We work with the big and small, but the small don't really get seen as much as maybe they should.

If you're:

  • Lean with a team size of 20 or less
  • The founder / co-founder sharing BD and sales duties vs with someone else handling the technical side
  • Profitable
  • Not afraid of growth, but not obsessed either
  • Budget-conscious, but not afraid of risk
  • Humble
  • MRR in the thousands, not millions

Not all great businesses in this game need to be rocketships. The ones we love aren't. So here's to them.

Here's to the small ones, the lucid, the humble, the profitable.

The uber-big companies are great - but what about the not-so-big?

Brent Wallace

March 7, 2024

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